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Chase the Ace Rules

  • Every Friday evening between 6pm and 8:45pm, tickets will be sold for the draw that week
  • Tickets are $2 each
  • The draw is at 9pm. You must be present to win or else they will redraw a new ticket
  • Cards are spread across the table face down
  • Winner places icon on the card that they guess is the Ace of Spades
  • If they pick the Ace, they win the jackpot and the draw starts with 52 cards all over again.
    If it wasn’t the Ace, they win 10% of the night’s ticket sales.The card gets pulled from the deck, ripped in half, and posted on the board for the next weekend and the jackpot keeps accumulating every Saturday until someone picks the Ace.
  • The cards get fewer and the jackpot increases as well as the chances that the Ace will be picked

Recent Winners

November 21 – Congrats to Jill who didn’t get the Ace of Spades but still walked away with $1000! 12 cards left!
Sept 25 – Congratulations to Barb McMechan who was drawn in Chase the Ace last weekend, she didn’t get the Ace but she got $442 Richer! The Jackpot is now at $18,315.00 PLUS the night’s sales with only 19 Cards left to pick from!
January 31 – Chico’s Bar & Grill would like to congratulate Jean Fedoriw on winning Chase The Ace, the Jack Pot Of $17,340 plus $500 for sales that night. Congratulations Jean!

December 16 – Chico’s Bar & Grill would like to congratulate Raven Wellborn on winning Chase The Ace, the Jack Pot Of $68,850 . Congratulations Jean!